What sets us apart

For nearly three decades, we have been a modern and innovative institute for stuttering people. Our successful intensive stuttering therapies are based on years of experience, constant scientific support and continuous development. The following points distinguish us and make us stand out from other therapies:

  • Medical management of the institute by a doctor who is also affected by stuttering
    Best possible care with speech experts specialized in stuttering, some of whom are also affected – more >
  • Scientifically proven successes
    One of the world’s first and one of the best scientifically documented stuttering therapies – with a very high success rate – more >
  • Large number of clients
    Leading with the highest number of intensive therapies. Over 4,500 clients (as of March 2023) have already completed the therapy
  • Individual therapy for all age groups
    Age-related and development-specific therapy concepts for stutterers from the age of 3, available in four different age groups – more >
  • Online therapy
    For adults and adolescents from the age of 13, we offer an online-only therapy with the same content as a presence therapy – more >
  • Structured follow-up care
    Group-dynamic work to develop the learned skills in online sessions and with a special software program, together they enable a sustainable, follow-up care at home on your own PC – more >

Our success in numbers

Almost all surveyed patients noticed a significant improvement in their speech immediately and one year after the course.


Instant success


Sustained success


Long-term success

Care after therapy

Follow-up care is essential to ensure long-term success. Our patients confirm that we take care of them.

High satisfaction 68%

Satisfaction 28,5%

Dissatisfaction 3,5%

Therapeutic intensity

Follow-up care is essential to ensure long-term success. Our patients confirm that we take care of them.

High satisfaction 75%

Satisfaction 25%

Dissatisfaction 0%

Awards and honors

Logo der Landesärztekammer Hessen und der Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts

Honorary plaque of the Hessian Medical Association “Landesärztekammer Hessen” 2022 in silver

Following a resolution of the Hessian Medical Association for outstanding achievements. Wolff von Gudenberg founded the Kassel Stuttering Therapy Institute in 1996 and is working on a digital treatment platform for speech therapy teletherapy. “Learn to speak fluently online, stuttering therapy eliminates language handicap”

dfg-Award 2019

dfg-Award 2019

dfg (Service for Social Policy) in the category “Outstanding digital care models in healthcare” with AOK Hessen 2019

Eugen-Münch-Preis 2017

“Speechagain – participating in life again thanks to digital therapy”

Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg (founder and medical director of KST) and team won the prize for innovative healthcare provision in the category “practical application”

Medizin Management Verband Logo

Medical Management Award at the ConhIT Congress 2015

ConhIT (Connecting Health Care IT – now DMEA Connecting Digital Health) “Teletherapy Stuttering” (with TK)

E-Learning-Award 2013

The PARLO Institute for Research and Teaching in Speech Therapy with the Kassel Stuttering Therapy: E-Learning Award for the project “Internet platform for communication medicine”

Logo für den Best in cloud Preises der Computerwoche

Best in cloud 2013

Together with vitero GmbH, winner of the Best in Cloud Award
“Telemedical Internet platform for stuttering therapy”